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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breathing for Becky

Becky is a mom of two girls. She is married to her best friend. She has two dogs and a fat cat. And when I say fat, this cat is hefty! Becky even watched Colin for a short time for me. Today Becky sits in the ICU fighting to not be intubated.

Becky has cystic fibrosis and has been fighting every day of her life. A few years ago I has the privilege to work with Becky and share an office with her. Eventually Becky had to stay at home due to her illness. Some days she couldn't even make it off the couch because she was struggling to breath.
Becky goes into the hospital a couple of times a year for "tune ups" but this time was different.

Becky has outlived her lungs. She will be fighting now to make it to Minneapolis to get herself a new pair.

In the meantime her family is working to keep her children's lives somewhat normal. The day to day has to continue to go on.

An online Auction will be held in Honor of Becky. All money raised will go directly to Becky and her Husband to pay off her enormous medical bills.

Search for "Breathing for Becky" under pages and "like" her page.

Dig deep and give whatever you can to help Becky and her family. The hospital bills alone are piling up as we speak.

Thank you in advance for all of your help. Please forward to all of your friends and family.

If interested in donating to the online auction, please email me at

With Love,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To Niche or Not?

I have been doing alot of thinking in regards to my business. I am new to all of this.  I want to expand my etsy shop, I want more 'fans', I would love more business, and I am going to be hitting up craft fairs every Saturday into December. I have been making alot of 'gameday' scarves lately which has started the fireworks going off in my mind. Being from Nebraska, the Huskers are huge. I have been making scarves in relation to those colors. I have also been making a few of other teams close by (Iowa, Iowa State). For my craft fairs I am planning on making scarves in relation to the High School or area I am going to. Should I stick with this plan and be more of a 'Niche' Tshirt Scarf maker?

I love the idea of intricate colors combined together. It inspires me to see colors in nature or on project runway and make a scarf out of it. The fall scarves with the golds and browns are beautiful. My other fall scarves with bright orange, green, and purple are just plain fun. .......I also love these gameday scarves. I could continue to do both and see where it leads me? Impulsiveness is in my blood. Hence, I am knee deep in tshirts and could sew together my scraps to make it two times around the world (except, I don't sew).

I am going to jump back into another scarf of maroon, grey, and white for a show coming up in October. After the wave of craft fairs I can step back and see what has been popular and go from there into my etsy shop.

Any thoughts are welcome! Until next time......

Sunday, September 11, 2011

500 Fan Promotion

Hello Again,

I thought I would share what I am doing in celebration of reaching 500 fans!

Check Out My Facebook Page:

The first FIVE fans that order one scarf($12.00+3.25 Shipping), get the second FREE (12.00 value)

After the five orders, shipping is FREE on anyone who buys 2 scarves ($20.00)

Refer your friends! Help me get to 1000 fans!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here we go

First Blog. This week I had set goals on how many scarves I should make. I think I reached it. For some reason I signed up for 10 craft fairs....... and no, I have never even BEEN to a craft fair! I don't quite know what I am getting myself into but I am obviously jumping in full force.

As a bit of background, I am a mom to an almost two year old and wife to a resident physician. I have a full time job in the nursing industry which is rather demanding. And yet somehow I stumbled across my new love, tshirt scarves. I saw one recently at the salon I go to. It was over $50! As I studied the scarf, I realized what it was made out of, tshirts. My mind then started spinning; how was this done? Do I have tshirts I want to get rid of? and so on and so on. And here I am, over 200 and some scarves deep, a facebook page with 500+ likes and an etsy account. All the while I really have no clue what I am doing as of yet. I just enjoy doing it. I can't squeeze in a stinking jog, but I have squeezed this in to every nook and cranny!

I will be sending off my scarves to two pumpkin patches on Monday! I have over 40 scarves boxed up so I am hopeful they will sell. Today I created a multitude of scarves: The Hawkeye (gold and black), The Cyclone (Gold and Red), Tie Dye (wide variety of color combinations), and a couple of color combos for local high schools where I will be doing the craft fairs.

So folks, join me on my adventure of twists and turns, and a whole lot of cotton Ts!