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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To Niche or Not?

I have been doing alot of thinking in regards to my business. I am new to all of this.  I want to expand my etsy shop, I want more 'fans', I would love more business, and I am going to be hitting up craft fairs every Saturday into December. I have been making alot of 'gameday' scarves lately which has started the fireworks going off in my mind. Being from Nebraska, the Huskers are huge. I have been making scarves in relation to those colors. I have also been making a few of other teams close by (Iowa, Iowa State). For my craft fairs I am planning on making scarves in relation to the High School or area I am going to. Should I stick with this plan and be more of a 'Niche' Tshirt Scarf maker?

I love the idea of intricate colors combined together. It inspires me to see colors in nature or on project runway and make a scarf out of it. The fall scarves with the golds and browns are beautiful. My other fall scarves with bright orange, green, and purple are just plain fun. .......I also love these gameday scarves. I could continue to do both and see where it leads me? Impulsiveness is in my blood. Hence, I am knee deep in tshirts and could sew together my scraps to make it two times around the world (except, I don't sew).

I am going to jump back into another scarf of maroon, grey, and white for a show coming up in October. After the wave of craft fairs I can step back and see what has been popular and go from there into my etsy shop.

Any thoughts are welcome! Until next time......

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  1. Hello! I am visiting from the team "Craft Fairs...It's a living" Good luck on your decision!